ETHNOBOTANY: Resurrecting Medicinal Culture

The organisms that populated the earth way before we “the humans” showed up were the flora and fauna’s. The major chemistry and biology of life started out with plants, soil, and microbes. Moreover, we are entirely depended on them and because of their existence we as a species were able to evolve in order to … Continue reading ETHNOBOTANY: Resurrecting Medicinal Culture


What you think and what you do are to completely different things same as what one wants and what one should do is. That’s what phenomenology and ethnomethodology as a concept stands for. And one’s understanding to separate the two comes from the society which is a social construction made by we humans and it … Continue reading ETHNOMETHODOLOGY

SEX Obliterated by Prejudice

Pre-marital sex and women’s pleasure are two of the major issues coming forth, time and time again and they are the burning issues which has always kept targeting females. As the younger age girls are taught that abstinence is best, I ask why is it so? Do women not have the right to feel the … Continue reading SEX Obliterated by Prejudice

Post Modernism: The Hyper Reality

We are presently in the post modern era, those days are long gone when we were in transaction from modern era to post modern era. Right now we are living in a global society where orthodoxy of any institution is being nullified. As right now we are confiding in the realm of knowledge over so … Continue reading Post Modernism: The Hyper Reality

Manusmriti:- An Individual’s Perspective

India being the oldest civilization is considered as the hub of culture and heritage with its extensive traditions and religion. With the coming of human race on the Earth, society was one of the major formations of humans followed by religion. In those primitive times institutions like marriages, family, life circle have had a whole … Continue reading Manusmriti:- An Individual’s Perspective

Passion embarks life’s journey.

Dreams and Desires are something which are backed very carefully by one’s passion to have it. But does this fire of passion have any criteria or code of conduct? While pursuing a dream, heart always wishes to follow the path that passion is leading onto and mind sorts out all the practical conducts of life … Continue reading Passion embarks life’s journey.

Rudaali: The Economic Service Of Tears

(Image source:- As the name reflects Rudaali meaning “the crier”, the term signifies women of low caste(outcaste) in Northern India (particularly in Rajasthan) who perform mourning dances and songs at funeral of upper caste men. This social system of Tear Service has its deep roots in rural Rajasthan. Wearing dark black costumes with veil … Continue reading Rudaali: The Economic Service Of Tears

Psychodynamics and the Formation of Culture-Personality School

Whenever we pick up a discipline to study about, it creates a persona of its own in our mind.The way we see it is a reflection of our perspective towards it. This perspective varies from one individual to another. When we mix it with our already known knowledge, we create vast possibility of creation of … Continue reading Psychodynamics and the Formation of Culture-Personality School

Let HUMANITY Rain Do read this blog from Jagjeet Kaur a must read blog for Racism.

RACISM: A Baseless Social Phenomena-II

Part 2 :- How are racial groups classified and what are the bases of classification of racial groups? It is clear through our last article about the factors that are responsible for forming different races. Now let’s take a look at how these racial groups are classified and on what basis. A racial group is … Continue reading RACISM: A Baseless Social Phenomena-II

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