Women in anthropology: Their contributions and stand in developing the discipline

Human history has seen a long era of patriarchal domination. Women have struggled for long to get equal rights in the society. Decades of conflicts and struggle for equality finally started showing good results at the beginning of 20th century. Anthropology was just born as new revolutionary subject almost two centuries back. As this subject was one of a kind, it attracted academicians around the world. At the beginning, anthropologists like Tylor and Boas became the forerunners of this subject in establishing it on the world platform.

The Personage of Millenium: Charles Robert Darwin

To remember those extraordinary people who have left a huge impact in the world, we have started the series of “Personage of Millennium”, where we will remember those few people whose contribution in the field of Anthropology, Geology, Biology, Archaeology, Sociology etc. changed the course of history. We remember them for the gift of knowledge they gave to humanity.
As Anthropologists our first choice for the “Personage of Millennium” is none other than the Father of Evolution.


Once in a while in our lifetime the thought of suicide always crosses our minds. Especially when we are on an emotional turmoil. That helplessness we feel at that moment makes us feel so weak and worthless that it makes us doubt our own selves in so many ways that the gift of life that … Continue reading SUICIDE IS NOT AN OPTION

Solah Shringar From a Scientific Perspective

Marriage is the purest union between two human beings. It is sacred, holy and divine. Every religion has a special place for marriage. Because marriage is not merely the union of two bodies but it’s a union of two souls, a union between two families and a union which results in the formation of a … Continue reading Solah Shringar From a Scientific Perspective

Gendered Education and its Consequences

Gendered Education and its ConsequencesEducation system of a society is a mirror in which you can see present and in its reflection the future is visible. Education system of every nation is having its roots in social system of the nation its society. It is nearly impossible to say the education system isn’t impacted by … Continue reading Gendered Education and its Consequences

ETHNOBOTANY: Resurrecting Medicinal Culture

The organisms that populated the earth way before we “the humans” showed up were the flora and fauna’s. The major chemistry and biology of life started out with plants, soil, and microbes. Moreover, we are entirely depended on them and because of their existence we as a species were able to evolve in order to … Continue reading ETHNOBOTANY: Resurrecting Medicinal Culture


What you think and what you do are to completely different things same as what one wants and what one should do is. That’s what phenomenology and ethnomethodology as a concept stands for. And one’s understanding to separate the two comes from the society which is a social construction made by we humans and it … Continue reading ETHNOMETHODOLOGY

SEX Obliterated by Prejudice

Pre-marital sex and women’s pleasure are two of the major issues coming forth, time and time again and they are the burning issues which has always kept targeting females. As the younger age girls are taught that abstinence is best, I ask why is it so? Do women not have the right to feel the … Continue reading SEX Obliterated by Prejudice

Post Modernism: The Hyper Reality

We are presently in the post modern era, those days are long gone when we were in transaction from modern era to post modern era. Right now we are living in a global society where orthodoxy of any institution is being nullified. As right now we are confiding in the realm of knowledge over so … Continue reading Post Modernism: The Hyper Reality

Manusmriti:- An Individual’s Perspective


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