Anthropology:- The most underrated treasure of academics

“Anthropological Research in India was founded in 1945 in Varanasi and shifted to the Indian Museum at Calcutta in 1948. Later, in 1945, the Anthropology section formed into an independent body, the Anthropological Survey of India (AnSI), with Biraja Sankar Guha as the initial director and Verrier Elwin, Deputy Director. And with time it became the largest Anthropological Organisation of the world”.

Well what an irony it is, the association happens to be the world’s largest, but on the contrary anthropology as a discipline isn’t even recognized in India. It isn’t even an independent discipline in the major universities of our country. More to that, it is taken as an alien subject which has no scope and is hopeless and cherry on the top is half the population doesn’t even know of this discipline saying “aisa bhi kuch hota h kya”. Union Public Service Commission tried to give it a push by making it an optional subject but still the stances stand too low in India when we talk about anthropology as even before we could talk about it as a separate discipline. Its actual meaning is also looming as 70% of the educated population doesn’t even know the correct meaning of this term and it is definitely a thing of surprise that the students of social science and physical science too are unaware of it. When we talk about it as a separate discipline, which is actually a holistic science and doesn’t belong to any category as such to have debate on social science or physical science but why would we stop and the fight continues where to fit it because we can’t just establish it with it’s own individual identity.

Exactly that’s what is needed to be done, give it an individual identity in the list of disciplines that could be studied. Then, and only then it will stand a chance to survive another century with it’s head held high, otherwise we would just keep on branding the names and be empty inside. With this, it would lead us nowhere in our country’s education system as it is not up to the standards of the contemporary world. When fields like Anthropology doesn’t get the kind of respect it actually deserves then it leads to negative consequences which could have major negative impact in the future. As Anthropology is more in itself than just the study of human, being a holistic science makes it unique in nature and covers all the aspects of human’s nature and tends to know humans even better. The education board is in dire need to identify it as a separate discipline and for that it is necessary to add it in the syllabus of high school and open it as a optional subject for +2 in order to mark its growth and even UGC should revise its syllabus of graduation and include it as a part of major subjects in the universities as well to support the research work a bit more efficiently.
Then we could hope to see a new phase for anthropology in India and then and only then we would be able to match and justify our reputation in the world of Anthropology, by giving it a new light to shine in the world.

Article by:- Jagjeet Kaur

© Alysane society

© Jagjeet kaur

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