When did it all Start?

Ever wondered how it all started, I mean the life, the universe and the existence of human beings.
We all as humans, live, enjoy and love being the most intellectual creatures roaming around Earth for centuries. But ever wondered, were we like this from the very beginning, this innovative mind, good physique, ability to communicate, thoughts and explorations, did all of this exist before? Was this monopoly of humans? Being the superior species of all, present on this planet, exist since the beginning or did humans even exist?
If not, then who were? Who was there before humans or what was there before humans? Who crawled the earth, who lived? Was there some one else? Aliens!!!!! Gods!!!! Dangerous creatures!!!!
Or no one !!!!!!!!
So many questions, lots of mysteries huh!!!!!!!!!
Do these questions have answers?
Yes these questions have answers, we humans as I have said are the most intellectual, brainy and smart creatures of earth. We have developed this super technique in course of time called thinking and we have used it wisely, we thought and thought and thought and developed a system called GEOLOGICAL TIME SCALE with the help of scientists, researchers, geologists, archaeologists and paleontologists. This system tells us when life began, when did first human like creatures appear and WHEN DID IT ALL START?.

The GEOLOGICAL TIME SCALE is the chronological table given by scientists which tells us the data in chronological order FROM THE BIRTH OF EARTH TILL PRESENT TIME. The concept of geological time was first brought forth by Charles Lyell in his book ‘Principles of Geology’ published in three volumes 1830-1833, where he based the concept of stratigraphy in Geology. The GTS includes every detail from when life began on this planet, origin and extinction of Dinosaurs, the origin of HUMAN to present day Modern Man.
Geological Time Scale also includes the chronological data of cultural or technological development among human beings. Like when was the first tools used, in which period use of metal came into existence etc.etc. GTS gives us the data in chronological order from the beginning of this planet till present time.

Geological Time Scale
(Goes in hierarchy from bottom to top)

The above given chart is Geological Time Scale chart. It is a very simplified chart to understand the geological process. The bottom of the chart depicts older and ancient times and as it goes upwards, it comes closer to the present time.
This chart is made with reference to the study of fossils and rocks by scientists, geologists, archaeologists and paleontologists.
Geological time scale is very useful for discussing EARTH HISTORY .

As above:- Chart is divided into four Eons, namely HADEAN, ARCHEAN, PROTEROZOIC and PHANEROZOIC. The previos three combined are said to belong to the “Pre-Cambrian” Epoch.

And above that there is PHANEROZOIC Eon, in which we LIVE. The whole Geological Time Scale is seen to be giving the data in the form of origin, spread and extinction of species. Though we humans still survive so the chart ends on Modern age which shows the spread of Humans.

The Eons are divided into Eras, Periods & Epochs. Further, the chart provides the details of animal life forms and historical and cultural periods as well.

So by seeing the chart it is clear that we live in Holocene Epoch of Quarternary period which corresponds to Cenozoic Era of the Phanerozoic Eon.

The Modern Man of today traces back its origin to Pleistocene Epoch in which Early form of Modern Man was found. But in Holocene Epoch, we can trace the present form of Modern Man to nearly 10,000 BC.

But the origin of life is traced back to 4.5 billion years ago on this earth, when the first Protozoa(unicellular organisms) and Metazoa(multicellular organisms) came into existence in Pre-Cambrian Epoch.

Then the first trace of fish is seen in Palaeozoic Era of Phanerozoic Eon in the Primary period of Ordovician Epoch. They got spread in Permian Epoch and are still present on Earth.

Similarly, Dinosaurs show their origin in Triassic Epoch of Secondary Period and got spread in Jurrasic Epoch, I’m sure all of you are familiar with this Epoch because of the movie Jurrasic park. But Dinosaurs couldn’t make it too far, they tried but…..No. They got extinct in the Cretaceous Epoch.

Then came the Age of Mammals. The origin of mammals can be seen in Tertiary Period of Cenozoic Era. And the first Man like Apes can be seen in Miocene Epoch. From them, the evolution of Modern day humans began.

Hope this article was helpful in answering the question, WHEN DID IT ALL START ?

Article by:- Utkarsh Srivastava

© Utkarsh Srivastava

© Alysane Society

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