A blindfold on people’s mentality

Most of us know what a virus is. It doesn’t belong to any of the kingdoms, doesn’t have any organelle but it sure can replicate itself by attaching itself into a host cell and injecting its genetic constituents into the host cell.
Lately, Corona, a novel virus has come to light. It was not known since before December 2019. It started as an epidemic in Wuhan, China but now it has spread at the global level, giving it the status of a pandemic. COVID-19 is the third and the new variety of the coronavirus, the previous two being SARS and MERS.

Now, let’s talk about how this pandemic has affected the human society.
Firstly, there’s a misconception that this virus has been spread by China. As far as my knowledge goes, viruses can’t be artificially prepared in laboratories, we might be able to genetically engineer and manipulate already existing viruses but we can’t create a new one. However, the people in our country and the government has turned a blind eye towards this fact.

Next, I would like to point out that our elders keep on saying, “Humare zamane me toh aisi koi bimariyan nahi hua karti thi“. But this is a wrong thought because we don’t actually know how many diseases might be existing in the world at present, we only come to know about them when they are detected. Similarly, I’ve realised that there might be millions of viruses around us but we are alive irrespective of them. Hence, coronavirus too might have had existed since hundreds of years but it was not detected until recently.

The situation gets even worse. Now a days, if anyone is suffering from mere cold, cough and fever, then it is thought that they are suffering from COVID-19 and are kept in quarantine.
Have we not suffered from cold, cough and fever before coronavirus’ discovery? We have and were also cured easily because we didn’t know about this back then and our mind was not fed up by this worse mentality that we can’t fight the virus and the person might even die within 14 days.

The disaster doesn’t end here. Many people are getting mentally disturbed as mere coughing and sneezing infront of others leads them to think that the person is suffering from COVID-19. This has caused to have a placebo effect on people’s minds, thinking that they are actually suffering from COVID-19, even when they are not. Then some ill minded people spread a false news that the person has tested positive for coronavirus.
Well I think if we maintain a healthy lifestyle and follow a strict diet, our immune system will be strong enough to fight any sort of virus or bacteria.
Have you ever seen or heard of someone who died of the virus at home? No, right?!
So, don’t fully rely on social media and television, do your own research, be a responsible citizen and try not to believe in any hoax that has been spread, which makes us only see what it wants us to see.
According to my opinion, we should try to take our blindfold off and try to see the truth which has been hidden. Because at last, we have to fight against all viruses or bacteria and not just against a single one.
Practice yoga, try to eat more plant based food, eat more raw than cooked, go cruelty free, maintain a sustainable and minimal life and be conscious about your health 🙂
Truth can never be hidden, a strong wind of acknowledgement can put off its veil.

Article by:- Shiksha Pandey

© Copyright reserved Shiksha Pandey

© Copyright reserved Alysane Society

3 thoughts on “A blindfold on people’s mentality

  1. I totally agree! Whatever the truth is…is the truth, whichever way you cut it! Thank you for sharing🙂🌻

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